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Food intake The Dietosystem® Food Intake with the specific iconographic atlas linked to it, constitutes a standard reference methodology for the detection of the food habit of the day prior to the analysis (24 hr recall, method for memory, retrospective method), or the daily recording of food consumption through the diary (3-day or 7-day record, prospective method).

The Dietosystem® Food Intake was created on the basis of the experience drawn from the EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) project, a five-year project conducted in major European countries on behalf of the I.A.R.C. (International Agency of Research on Cancer) of Lyon. The special feature of the Food Intake® program is the vastness of its databases.

  • Comparison with the recommended dietary needs
  • Analysis of nutritional status
  • Free consultation of databases
  • Recalculation functions on dietary corrections
  • Suggestion of exchange rations
  • Indices of nutritional quality

The Food Intake® allows you to modify the foods introduced and obtain the re-processing on video and in print, of all the nutritional parameters. Even after comparing with the reference needs, nutrients can be rebalanced by varying the quantity and/or quality of the food inserted. In this way, Food Intake® becomes a generator of diets, and more generally, it allows to design the new diet based on a real diet and adherent to the food habit of the interviewed subject.

  • Reproducibility (accuracy of the system and its updated databases)
  • Screening (classification of the population by different consumption categories)
  • Selectivity (selection of nutrient, or nutrient group, involved in the study)

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